The Pink Plantation Restaurant

FROM THE BEST PUMPKIN SOUP you have ever tasted to fresh locally caught Mahi Mahi, with Creole sauce and sides of roasted vegetables, fluffy saffron rice, breadfruit fries, savory lentils, and more, your tastebuds will get completely spoilt.

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us.

From the building and furnishings we have used to construct Pink Plantation, to using almost entirely locally sourced foods, we are trying our best to be a sustainable business.

To make a Table Reservation

Please call 452 5422 in Saint Lucia or +1 758 452 5422 from overseas.

Alternatively E-Mail at

Our Menu

To Start

Local Soup of the Day


A delicious blend of Saint Lucia in a bowl.



Traditional local favorite of deep fried Accra with Creole Sauce.

Local Crab Back


Succulent Crab smoked  and served with our house garlic and herb sauce.

Pink House Salad


Crisp leaves bound in olive oil with organic avocado, tomato, cucumber and caramelized plantain, topped with sauteed salt fish.

Tamarind Shrimp Kebabs


Juicy jumbo shrimps skewered and grilled with a tamarind glaze.

Roast Vegetable Salad with Feta

Just the Salad EC$45

With Grilled Shrimp EC$54

Fire roasted vegetables and feta cheese dressed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. With Jumbo shrimps $48.

Smoked Herring with Breadfruit


A local delicacy of smoked herring with breadfruit.

Main Course



Delicious pork tenderloin served with Creole sauce.

Grilled Catch of the Day


Fresh fish from our waters, grilled and served with a choice of Creole sauce or garlic, white wine and herb sauce.

Grilled Chicken Breast


Grilled chicken breast with choice of garlic herb butter, Creole or curry sauce.

Lamb Rack


Grilled rack of lamb served with fresh rosemary sauce and sauteed potatoes.

Jumbo Shrimps


Grilled and served with a choice of Creole, Garlic herb and butter or coconut curry sauce.

Grilled Rib-Eye Steak


Prime Beefsteak grilled to your liking and served with either a peppercorn sauce or creamy mushroom.

All main dishes are served with; breadfruit balls, seasoned rice, fried plantain, sauteed vegetables, local peas and christophene gratin.

Freshly made salads

Classic Caesar EC$45 add Jumbo Shrimps EC$82 or grilled chicken EC$54

The Pink House Salad – Crisp leaves bound in Olive oil

with organic avocado, tomato, cucumber and caramelized plantain topped with sauteed salt fish EC$58

Roasted Mixed Vegetables with Feta cheese

With Grilled Shrimps: EC$86
With Grilled Chicken: EC$54
With Grilled fish: EC$62

Coffee & Cocktails


We always have a fresh selection of homemade desserts

Pink House Rum Punch


A magic recipe as old as the Pink House itself.

Fresh Local Fruit Daquiri


Made with fresh fruits from the Pink House garden. Different every day.

Basil Mint Mojito


Perfect for the patio.

Pink House Fruit Punch


Succulent blend of fruits and coconut cream

Keeping our Carbon Footprint down!

Fresh is where we start